Our best tools for a precise and safe welding


Years of work experience, a direct contact with a vast and diverse clientele, a deep knowledge of the expectations and the real needs of those who daily work in the sector, allowed us to understand that the trusting relationship that originates with one’s costumers is solely based on the professionalism with which we deal with the problems that occur from time to time.

Our team is formed by prepared and abreast of technical progress specialists; our workshops trained techs who are able solve any issue which might occur with care and diligence. This great heritage built up during decades of work, gave us the input to make a leap in quality and expand our horizons and create our own products.

So, the choice to produce welding machines wasn’t a case, on the contrary, it was caused by the awareness of possessing all the right requirements to produce something competitive and highly professional. Repair garages, artisans, metallurgical industries, but also hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts: an endless array of costumers with different needs, who look for efficiency and professionalism in what they buy.


Here in FOXCOT, we decided to produce two different welding machines, for usage by hobbyists in the domestic scope with seriousness, professionalism, and high-quality materials: the 145A and the 165A. Both are welding machines with inverter technology, more stable, precise and easier to use than ordinary welding machines. They’re light and compact, and to allow our costumer to start working straight away, coupled with our welding machines we give a standard welding helmet, the work cable, the clamp, the electrode/torch and the wire-brush.

The ease with which the two machines can be used is undeniable and even those who have no experience will be able to work while feeling safe, obtaining excellent results.

Those articles are equipped with a digital display to make the power adjustment and the verification of the absorption easy during the whole work; the dial for the adjustment is highly sensitive, to allow the costumer to change the power gradually, without spurts and with a reduced impact on the electric mains operated household. The suggested electrodes are those from 1,6 mm to 4 mm ones, in order to weld with precision and attention to the details.