The best companies begin from a bizarre idea, from an unusual will to create something particular and to go along an unknown way with the certainty to be able to go far, tracing out a path for a different and better future.

In the same way, we look further to create realities which are not necessarily virtual, thanks to our great expertise and by always keeping track of the market alterations. And so, with a fervid will to create a series of ground-breaking products, innovative, high-tech, with a trailblazing spirit, but with a great sense of responsibility and professionalism, at the service of a varied and demanding clientele, was the FOXCOT brand brought to life!

FOXCOT doesn’t appear from nowhere, but from the solid foundations of someone who, in the last 30 years, worked with reliability in the branch of industry and craftsmanship, establishing itself among the most recognized retailer companies at a national level.

The founder business partners of FOXCOT, after years of work with the most prestigious brands, wanted to create their own brand as a result of the expertise, the knowledge obtained up until that moment, which would stand out with something new, unique and immediately recognizable.

A great expertise, knowledge of the market, ability to read in advance the needs of a varied and constantly-moving clientele, in search of increasingly user-friendly, solid and constructive cutting-edge technologies.

After decades of work, spent commercialising equipment from the most prestigious brands at international level for the industry and the craftsmanship, we wanted to create our own brand, which quickly became a benchmark for those in search of quality and technology, in a constantly expanding market.

FOXCOT is a fresh, dynamic brand, that ‘pays attention’ to the needs of its costumers and invests in research, high-quality materials, qualified employees and a direct help service.

Behind this great company are people who look into the future, with their expertise and seriousness, competence and ability to solve all of the problems that come with each phase of this job, without ever stopping before an obstacle.

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